• Cümbüş Musical Instrument
  • SINCE 1900


    With the invention of the "cümbüş" , the musical adventure of the Cümbüş family of four generations past,has continued for 113 years...

    In the 1940s,new music stores were opened in both Istanbul and Izmir,with the contributions of Fethi and Cemal Cümbüş,the two sons...

    In the 1960s, the person who has introduced the concept of modern retail music shops and standardized quality in musical instrument production is no oother than Naci Cümbüş,the grandson...

    Since 1975, our production has become continous and standardized...

    In more general headings,we can distinguish our products in three categories:percussion,string and wind.

    With the contribution of the new generation, our company has opened up to the markets abroad and is geared 60% towards exports.

    Among our international portfolio are prestigious firms all across the world,from Australia to Greece and from USA to France and the Netherlands.

    Our company policy is the emphasis on standardized quality of products and prompt delivery. The "boutique" orders that we receive from companies abroad have always been regarded with high esteem.

    We fully realize that each instrument that we make is a "musical instrument," and that the quality of our products are in direct proportion with their price.We offer a wide range of ethnic musical instruments in accordance with a wide price range.

    Only a special selection of our products is pictured in our catalogue.We strongly encourage you to get directly in touch with us for the "special" and "specific" musical instruments that you would like to order.

    Sincerly Yours,

    Fethi A. Cümbüş


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